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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

5 Warriors who need to step up in Curry's absence

On March 23, he was injured again after Stephen Curry first appeared because of the absence of two weeks of ankle injury. This time, his left knee was the fall of Javala McGee, who, of course, was not the first time the center of the Warriors injured his teammates. With details of his MCL stretching in the 2nd grade, his memory of injuries was filled with the runaway of the 2016 playoffs, and he got into trouble during the upcoming playoffs. Soldiers need a savior, and they will soon need a savior.

Kevin Durant

Returning to his days in Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant did not doubt his role as the leading scorer of the league. Given all the statistics showing that Kevin Durant is one of the most prolific scorers in the history of the NBA, this is a pretty undeniable fact. His percentage of shooting this season is 64.0%. But is this enough to cope with the loss of Curry, who has the lead in 67.5%?After the recently eclipsed mark of 20,000 people, some of the NBA community whispered that Durant could one day use Karem's position as the leading scorer in the history of the NBA.

As he showed in the performance of the Warriors, as long as Steph Curry keeps him to him, he will not have difficulty with the counting. But, as the recent struggle of the warriors showed, their offensive machines often stagnate, because players are trying to make more isolation instead of free current attacks. This will even affect Kevin Durant's results in the playoffs, because the Spurs of experienced opponents such as Greg Popovic can now focus on the MVP of 2014 and limit his options.

Javale McGee

Without a joke, Javale McGee has a long way from his days, and this is the legend of "Shaqtin" in April. After rallying around lottery teams such as the Washington Wizards and the Dallas Mavericks, he finally found a warrior's home to remind him of his growth in the championship.As the son of Pamela McKee, who won the gold medal three times and was a superstar of the University of Southern California in the early 1980s, he will undoubtedly be under pressure and supervision.

This is the main reason why he mocked his NBA. Career for today. But what deserves praise is how McKee can close most of the outside noise (except Shaq) and focus on attracting the winning culture of the Golden State Warriors. This culture has already been rewarded as a champion.

Klay Thompson

Urgently need a bucket? Then this is your boyfriend! Kerry Thompson is always Steven Carey's assistant. They really deserve a brilliant game. Clay Thompson can be called the most unpopular net scorer in the entire league. It is remotely automated, and is also a threat of capture and shooting, as elusive as a jeweler. When he tried to prepare his defense plan, he had a nightmare for the assistant coach of the NBA.

Quinn Cook

Are you surprised? In February, Quinn Cook participated in his second G-game All-Star Game. He never expected that he would play the key role of the NBA on the biggest stage of the NBA. No one has ever given up faith. This young star did not become an alliance like all the other young people.

When other players in the class left college after the first or second year, he played at Duke University for four years under the guidance of American coach Mike Krzyzewski and finally won the NCAA championship last year. In the absence of project elections, he refused many of his lucrative offers for playing abroad and decided to stick to his NBA dreams in the league.

Draymond Green

The fact that Draymond Green, a Michigan product developed in the second round of 2012, is the "heart and soul" of the warrior franchise is undeniable. But did you know that when Dreymond Green was on the site, the assessment of the gold state soldiers in the 2018 season remained virtually unchanged. In fact, it decreased by 0.2 points?

Yes, the "D" of Draymond is definitely because the team's defensive rating improved by 3.9. But, despite the fact that he is a multi-player, unselfish player, he really needs to have Stef Curry perform the offensive of military artillery actions or "golden democracy", as Kobe Bryant put it.

From the point of view of the plan of action of the soldiers, the work of Dreymond Green is to create a camp in the zone of high or medium positions and get a swing pass from the wing player. Now that more offensive tasks are considered, coach Steve Kerr will most likely send him to a three-point line to catch the ball and attack. Although his average score in the playoffs may decrease, and more defense of the opposing team is more focused on him, he should not compensate for this by improved gears, because he is undoubtedly the most in his position. A good passer-by, and their best choice is on the floor.

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