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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

5 World Class Players who Rejected Barcelona

The game for Barcelona is a dream for many players. Many players go on strike and are forced to go to the camp. When many people leave from La-Masia, you will have many people.
This is not surprising, because Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the largest clubs in the world and competes every year for silver. However, there are several people who have the opportunity to join the Catalan side, but rejected it!

1. Gianluigi Buffon

Barcelona knows how to find the best young talent in the world. Catalonian intelligence officers included Gianluigi Buffon in the list when they were in Parma.Spain took action for him, like Juventus. The Italian goalkeeper has a difficult choice, but he eventually turned down Barcelona's offer to join Juventus.

“I could have joined Barcelona in 2001. However, I decided to join Juventus after discussing it with my father and I'm still grateful for it. Being at Juventus is a unique experience and has brought me a lot of satisfaction. And let's not forget that Barcelona back then were nothing like the team they are now,” said Buffon in an interview with Mediaset.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

In the same team played Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. This dream was almost a reality in 2009, but the Portuguese team refused from Real Madrid.Sir Alex Ferguson was unhappy with Bernabéu, the best player in Madrid, who lured him, so he sent Ronaldo to Barcelona. The Catalans are trying to reach an agreement, and they can not convince Ronaldo to sign them.

In March 2014, Former Real President, Roman Calderon confirmed that Ronaldo indeed rejected Barcelona: “In the few weeks, he tried to avoid him going to Real Madrid, offering him to Barcelona. Barcelona were very happy but at that moment but it was very crucial as Ronaldo said: I'm not going to any other club but Real Madrid.”

3. Thiago Silva

Tiago Silva has two opportunities to join Barcelona. Catalonia seeks to sign an alternative to the world class Carlos Puyol, but the Brazilians rejected this interest.

Speaking in an interview, Silva revealed: “It was a difficult decision to say no twice to Barcelona. It was never a secret that I have admired them since I was a kid and that I always wished I could play for Barcelona. But life is made of hard decisions that sometimes go against what you dream of.”

4. Alessandro Del Piero

Del Piero - the idol of Juventus. He worked for the old woman for 19 years. He played more than 700 times and for a long time served as captain. When Juventus were downgraded to second class, the Italian team had the opportunity to move and join another European giant.
For Tuttomercatoweb, agent Del Piero Claudio Pasquiline confirmed that Barcelona and Manchester United are interested, but the legend of Juventus rejected this move. The agent was quoted saying, "Del Piero is Juventus, During the prime of his career, he rejected Manchester United and Barcelona. He did that for love.”

5. Rio Ferdinand

Ferdinand was one of the best defenders of the world in his golden era. "Manchester United" made world records from Leeds United, and it became one of the best signatures ever made by them!
The defender was excellent. Barcelona wanted to sign it to play with Gerard Peak - another defender they got from Old Trafford. The British rejected their interest and continued to stay at Manchester United.
“I spoke to Roma and also there was interest from Real Madrid and Barcelona at one time. But when I was at Manchester United and there was interest from other clubs I was winning things at Manchester United. So my head was never turned to go anywhere else,” said Rio.

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